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The Authority Mastery Blueprint Course

Have Your TV Show in 8 Weeks or Less

Exclusive tutorial videos to help you get started mastering TV!

Featuring training on:

  • Video editing software basics

  • Using lower thirds to make your videos look professional

  • How to utilize B Roll to capture and retain your audience’s attention

  • How to properly tag your YouTube videos so that you can be found as the authority in your niche

  • How to increase the production value of your videos with bumpers

  • How to use transitions to enhance your storytelling

Commission: 50%

Cookie window: 90 days

Promo Materials

Our ETVN Members Portal houses all of our launch details, current promotions & materials… including email swipe copy, and graphics. Your custom tracking links will also be provided in the ETVN Members Portal.

For your personal statistics and sales, we will provide you access to the Commission Center. Your personal credentials will be created for you below.

We are here to support you. If you have questions or need assistance simply reach out to support@entrepreneursnetwork.tv for support.

Thank you again for your support. We look forward to success with your partnership.

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Copyright 2020 ETVN Media Ltd. All rights reserved.